Report: January-February-March2012


Our 2 Day Open Air Gospel preaching took place in Retreat Cape Town. Day one was not very vibrant because most of the people listening were standing at a distance; but second day was so amazing. Nevertheless, after the Preaching of the Good News; a small number of people came even closer to be prayed for to receive body healing, salvation and restoration in their souls. Some other people still didn’t want to approach us but they joined us in prayer while standing in their courtyards and we could see folks, with hands up, dancing and praying with us while standing in their flats. After the 2nd Day meeting people came testifying that God touched their lives. People got saved including a Muslim lady that recommitted her life to Christ; she had previously been a Believer and fell away from Jesus. Some other people came with many prayer requests such as sickness and family problems – everybody was committed into the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ. CHURCH OUTREACHES IN CAPRICORN, MUIZENBRG, BRACKENFEL, DELFT The preaching of the Gospel continued to take place in Churches of Vrygrond Capricorn, in Brackenfell, and in an unprivileged community of Blikkiesdorp in Deft, Cape Town. People got saved including remarkable healings that took place. ERNA MINITRIES partners with Pastor Peter Diesel-Reynolds of Ground Level Ministries in feeding schemes. Every Tuesdays and Thursdays between 200 and 400 young and old gather to be fed spiritually then physically, at Blikkiesdorp, a site neighbouring the Cape Town International Airport, temporarily occupied by about 17 000 vulnerable people. Tens of hundreds of precious souls encounter with the Lord God every week.


The above meetings were followed by a powerful 3 Day Crusade that ERNA Ministries conducted in Khayelitsha in partnership Bishop Lucas Njozela of Christian Centre Church. People were encouraged to pray without stopping and to seek God diligently and to be wholeheartedly dedicated to Him as His own property. Secret why people live in curses were revealed. The power of God moved like never before in ERNA MEETINGS. People came forward to confess sins and addictions such as alcohol, smoking and some other wrong deeds practices by their grandfathers or other relatives who had some agreements with the evils and world darkness. Curses, Bondages, Strongholds, were broken in JESUS name and people were set free and dedicated to God. We had a glorious report from Bishop Lucas Njozela that congregation was amazed by the fact that more members were added to the church after the crusade. Glory be to the Lord of Harvest, Jesus Christ!

Dear Friend,

Your prayers and support made it happen. Big Thank You!

Yours in His Love,


Pascal Joy Migisha

Please click the Link below to watch a video about this Report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKpFOMn48Dg

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